Charles Crites, owner and founder of Crites Restoration Products, has owned Ford or Mercury vehicles for most of his life.  Charles became a car collector and it quickly became apparent that many of the vehicles he found needed parts.  Charles noticed that his love of nostalgic cars (cars that were from when he was in his early twenties) was shared by many other people also.  Being the businessman that he is, Charles quickly realized there was a growing need for excellent-quality restoration car parts.


Crites Restoration Products was the answer to the problem of where to find the parts needed to restore vehicles.  Charles and his wife and partner France started the business in the basement of their home.  The first item produced was the Boss 429 Motor Mounts.  We have expanded over the years so that today we reproduce all types of engine conversion mounts as well as headers and the mounts that work with our own headers.  Big-block engines are our specialty but we also make parts and headers for small-block engines.  It was not long before Charles began making Fiberglass body parts for restoration vehicles.  We now produce here on our site fiberglass body parts for Ford and Mercury cars manufactured during the 1960’s, the Thunderbolts and light-weight Galaxies, AFX Comets and Falcons.  The 427 1966-1967 Fairlane is one of the most popular cars.  We call our replica cars LITENING BOLTS.  Any customer using our metal or fiberglass parts are creating LITENING BOLTS which is our registered trademark.  Most of our products are custom-made to order here on site.  Many times we can custom make a part that is not available elsewhere.


Neither Charles nor France could have ever imagined the business would grow as much and as fast as it has.  Crites Restoration Products has now served the auto hobbyist for more than 25 years.  The demand for nostalgic car parts for restorations is very strong and both Charles and France feel that demand will continue for many more years.  


Crites Restoration Products is grateful that there are so many people wanting to restore the beautiful cars of the 1960-1970 period of time.  Both Charles and France feel that their company’s products have rescued many cars from the salvage yards and brought them back to life.  They are quite proud to have played a part in that process.


We hope people will check out our web page under  We are constantly adding new products so check back often.  Our email address is  Our telephone numbers are 740-983-4777 or 740-983-2273.  We encourage people to call or email us with any questions they may have.  Our normal business hours are

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. People may also come visit our facility and with the Crites by pre-arranged appointment.   Both Charles and France will very willingly share their vast knowledge about the vintage cars and parts for restoring those cars.  If you have a problem, it is quite possible they will have an answer for you.  They also know of many other sources for any products we do not carry.